After a successful day last year I couldn’t wait to book another with Lee. He arrived promptly well before my sighting laps, we had a chat about what the day would be about and what I’d like to work on throughout the day.

Straight away he made me feel relaxed, and as always a day with Lee is about having fun. Information and techniques were given in small easy to digest snippets.

The main points we worked on were being relaxed on the bike, left handers and visualisation of the lap, this could then be adapted for different pace or to include other items to work on.
By session 4 Lee asked me how my lefts were and they are normally something at the forefront of my mind as I find them a issue, I actually hadn’t thought about lefts for the last two sessions.
My riding improved through the day and pb which I may or may not achieve by the end of the day became my new base line which I consistently hit for 4 or 5 solid sessions.
In a nutshell what lee brings to the day works and if like many you have areas to work on and keep going round making the same mistakes he can fix it !
I had an excellent day with plenty of laughs and giggles and look forward to booking some more.