Beat your competition with the best trackside mindset coaching.

Need to focus your talent for a few more seconds a lap?

In The Fast Zone will help you realise your potential.


My coaching style will help ensure you focus, relax and tap into your natural racing ability no matter how many wheels you are on.

By watching you, listening to you and asking specific questions I will understand where you are currently at, what issues you may have and what useful things/ideas you use.

I will then work on teaching you in a bespoke fashion world class and proven tools and techniques. Which include – but not limited to – Relaxation, breathing while engaged in racing, Visualization, mind/body connection. Conscious and subconscious communication and how this relates to the “feel” you have or are missing.

Clients shave seconds off their laps times, finding their racing easier and more fun!

Through a combination of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming, over 18 years of coaching experience and relaxation techniques I can ensure you get the most out of your track time or race experience while having a relaxed fun time.

You will work one to one with me at a track or test day to learn new effective Mental Preparation skills.

These skills can then be transferred to a race day where I can continue to work with you to ensure you are ready for whatever the event or track can throw at you.

Also teaching you – if needed – how to apply the newly taught skills to dealing with pressure around your on track performance, expectations – yours and others.

Have fun, go faster and succeed!


I help all kinds of serious amateur racers on a track day or test.

I help professional racers and teams increase efficiency of time (and money) invested and communication, and I coach Championship racers to victories and titles.


  • Consistently and easily tap into your natural talent.
  • Realise your full potential.
  • Go Faster.
  • Beat your competition.
  • Succeed.
  • Enjoy the whole racing experience.
  • Have Fun.


James Gough – Trackday rider

After a successful day last year I couldn’t wait to book another with Lee. He arrived promptly well before my sighting laps, we had a chat about what the day would be about and what I’d like to work on throughout the day. Straight away he made me feel relaxed, and as...

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Brook Suspension

Between running my own business and contesting a full race season with Thundersport GB I have a very busy schedule. Before getting in touch with Lee I struggled to focus on my racing as my mind was elsewhere and felt cluttered when I did eventually get to the track,...

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Kevin Prium – Professional Rider

I really enjoyed chatting with Lee; he really made me feel comfortable right from the start. The thing I’ve struggled the most with is being a perfectionist, and he told me one simple rule: “Progress over perfection”. It was a real eye-opener for me, and now I always...

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Matt Hull – Competitive Racer

Lee Spelzini helped me in 2011 when I was racing in the Thunderbike Championship. I was having trouble with nerves and inconstancy due to starting the season late. Lee helped me to visualize the lap, discover where I was having issues and what to do with them. As a...

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Stuart Sayer – UpThinkers Ltd

If you’re seeking ways to improve your personal performance I can highly recommend Lee Spelzini! Having read somewhere that ‘Running is 90 percent mental and the rest is physical’ I decided to enter a marathon (26.2 miles/42km) and commenced training. Figuring my...

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Whether you’re a pro-racer, serious club racer, or just someone who wants to find the outer limited of your race performance at a track day, you can benefit from learning how to apply mental tools. I’ve proved they work and can show you exactly how you can learn to apply them, no matter what your racing style or ambitions are.

Are you ready… are you ready to enter The Fast Zone..?!?

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