After a successful day last year I couldn’t wait to book another with Lee
He arrived promptly well before my sighting laps, we had a chat about what the day would be about and what I’d like to work on throughout the day.
Straight away he made me feel relaxed, and as always a day with Lee is about having fun.
Information and techniques were given in small easy to digest snippets.
The main points we worked on were being relaxed on the bike, left handers and visualisation of the lap, this could then be adapted for different pace or to include other items to work on.
By session 4 Lee asked me how my lefts were and they are normally something at the forefront of my mind as I find them a issue, I actually hadn’t thought about lefts for the last two sessions.
My riding improved through the day and pb which I may or may not achieve by the end of the day became my new base line which I consistently hit for 4 or 5 solid sessions.
In a nutshell what lee brings to the day works and if like many you have areas to work on and keep going round making the same mistakes he can fix it !
I had an excellent day with plenty of laughs and giggles and look forward to booking some more.

Between running my own business and contesting a full race season with Thundersport GB I have a very busy schedule. Before getting in touch with Lee I struggled to focus on my racing as my mind was elsewhere and felt cluttered when I did eventually get to the track, through a process of simple techniques Lee showed me how to focus on the job in hand, relax and actually change my subconscious riding without even throwing my leg over a bike. Highly recommended for anyone serious about improving there racing

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“I first spent some time working with Lee Spelzini during my 2013 season with ThundersportGB at Snetterton.  I was stuck in a position where I wanted to increase my pace and bring the lap times down, but had no real idea how to, other than by accelerating harder and braking less.

At first I was fairly skeptical about the benefit of Lee’s approach, but his ability to listen and tailor his services to my specific circumstances began to take my attention away from the technicalities of actually riding the bike.

By the next morning, others in the pits and paddock were commenting on my improved and happier demeanor and cheerfulness, despite me not thinking I was behaving any differently!

Lee was able to calm my nerves, visualise what I was doing and plan to be successful, in addition to getting me to focus on the race and convert my negative perception of myself and my ability into a positive and confident attitude.

Was it worth it?  Well, over the 2 days I spent with Lee I brought my lap times down by over 5 seconds a lap, and it is fair to say that this is something I would never have been able to do without the help and support of Lee.  Not only that, but I was then able to take the techniques I had learned into the next round of the EMRA championship at Cadwell Park – where I was able to take another 5 seconds off of my PB lap times there, take two class wins and lead the championship!

I can honestly say that this cynic is becoming converted, and I really look forward to working with Lee again in the very near future to get further into The Fast Zone.”

Mike Mace - Motorcycle Racer in the ThundersportGB Motodex Pre-national Sport 600 Championship

“Just to say thanks for Lee’s help and support this season. 

Mental Mind preparation made a big difference on and off the bike, time and money well spent and it’s something I’d recommend if you have a willingness to listen and keep everything open. 

Looking forward to working with Lee through the winter and into the next challenge…. 2013″


Karl Fitt - 2012 BMCRC Rookie Minitwin Champion

I really enjoyed chatting with Lee; he really made me feel comfortable right from the start. The thing I’ve struggled the most with is being a perfectionist, and he told me one simple rule: “Progress over perfection”. It was a real eye-opener for me, and now I always try to remember it when I’m not happy with my performance. Lee has helped me to try and look at my “failure”, see it as a learning experience, and take it with me for the future, to try and improve myself the next time I face a similar situation.

Kevin Prium - Professional Rider

“Lee Spelzini helped me in 2011 when I was racing in the Thunderbike Championship. I was having trouble with nerves and inconstancy due to starting the season late. Lee helped me to visualize the lap, discover where I was having issues and what to do with them.

As a result I cut seven seconds a lap over the weekend and at least five seconds of this was down to the work done with Lee. For anyone wanting to find the best in themselves, I strongly recommend Lee Spelzini.”

Matt Hull - Competitive Racer