In the Fast Zone

  • Mental Race Preparation
  • Learn Your Performance Triggers
  • Gain Relaxation & Race Clarity
  • Develop Race Visualisation Skills
  • Create Powerful Winning Mindset
  • Build Consistent Lap Times
  • Manage Post Race Feedback
  • From Club Racer to Moto-GP!



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A few words about us


In the Fast Zone… With Lee SpelziniMotorcycle Racing Performance Specialist

Getting your bike around the track in the quickest possible time depends upon a number of factors;
the conditions, the track itself, other racers and of course the bike you’re pushing to the limits.

As every good racer knows, the very best lap times are set when both rider and machine are working
in perfect harmony. The great racers out there, the ones we all want to beat know that this only
happens when everything comes together and we’ve all witnessed amazing performances by some
of the greatest racers when they just slot into the zone and everything is aligned.

One of the most overlooked factors thought is the machine that sits between your ears, the hyper-
computer that is processing information every millisecond and making the finest adjustments to
take you closer and closer to the limit. It’s much more than just processing though, it’s also that
point when your conscious mind is allowed to flow freely and everything just works. If you’ve
experienced that you’ll know exactly what I mean.

The question I set out to answer many years ago is how can we develop a peak performance mind-
set that we can summon at will and ensure that we can be in full control? This is the ultimate
challenge for every top bike racer and I’ve spent the last 15 years of my life learning what actually
makes this possible.

In The Fast Zone is a completely new way for serious racers to take advantage of some of the latest
and most powerful mental tools. These are used by a range of high-performing sportspeople and
professional seeking to gain that elusive edge.

Whether you’re a pro-racer, serious club racer, or just someone who wants to find the outer limited
of your race performance at a track day, you can benefit from learning how to apply these mental
tools. I’ve proved they work and can show you exactly how you can learn to apply them, no matter
what your racing style or ambitions are.

Are you ready… are you ready to enter The Fast Zone..?!?



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